Cinematics Cine lens Sigma 18-35 T2.0 PL mount 95mm (nuoma)

Įprasta kaina €50,00

Customized Cine lens sigma 18-35mm f1.8 (T2.0) PL mount

with gear rings for focus aperture and zoom, manual with hard stops, original auto focus and aperture function will not be available.

The lens has been adjusted to parfocal, focus won't move during zooming.

The original lens is Sigma 18-35 1.8 DC HSM

Housing material: Aluminum

Module: 0.8

Mount: PL

Front diameter: 95mm

Length: 13.5cm

Weight: 1.25kgs

Focus range: 120 degrees

Aperture range: 30 degrees

Manual focus , de clicked aperture and zoom ring

APS-C frame for s35 sensor, not support full frame

Focal length: Standard Zoom

Lens Filter Size: 72mm

Focal length range: 18-35mm

Maximum aperture: F1.8 (T2.0)

Focus control: via focus ring with hard stops

Aperture control: via aperture ring, manual de clicked

Zoom control: via zoom ring

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